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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Letter to JMU Board of Visitors 1/18/11

Below is a letter I sent to the JMU Board of Visitors: 
Joseph G. Lynch
P. O. Box 1171
Harrisonburg VA 22803

January 18, 2011

Mr. James E. Hartman
Rector JMU Board of Visitors
235 Wynnwood Lane
Harrisonburg VA 22802-8323

Dear Mr. Hartman:
               I am writing to you regarding the recent announcement that President Rose is resigning and a search process for his replacement has been established.  I know there are many criteria that the search committee must consider in selecting a new President.  I would like to encourage that one of the criteria be that the candidate have a demonstrated track record of successfully changing a negative alcohol culture at a University.  I see this as a very clear need for JMU and a priority for the new President.
               I continue to be concerned about the Negative Alcohol Culture at JMU and have started a blog at this link: http://jmualcohol.blogspot.com/  and I encourage you to visit the blog to see the data that JMU already has gathered about its alcohol problem and my position that JMU needs to change its judicial policies and implement real consequences, such as suspension, in order for the culture to change.


                                                                                                         Joseph G. Lynch

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