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Monday, October 4, 2010

JMU Board of Visitors, Oct 1, 2010 meeting

The JMU Board of Visitors met October 1, 2010 at JMU. According to the Daily News Record:
  •   "..President Linwood Rose vowed that the university would continue to fight against "the culture of alcohol" at the school.  "Transforming the alcohol culture is obviously an initiative that we have undertaken for this year", Rose said in his in remarks to the board.  "It's not that we hadn't been doing things previously, but as I've said to our students and faculty and staff and in the media, Springfest last year..really caused us to look at where we were with alcohol on our campus." 
    My idea of an Independent Alcohol Commission did not come up. Maybe later. The good news is the at least the topic of transforming the negative alcohol culture is still one area of focus. The bad news is there still does not seem to be a concerted plan of action to address policy changes at JMU that could impact directly the students at JMU- namely going form a "Three Strikes" policy to a zero tolerance policy. Remember the JMU study identifies that "suspension" is viewed by students to be the most likely item to change decisions about alcohol use and risky behavior.

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