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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Restoring Responsibility in the JMU Community: Alcohol and the Quest for Excellence, Integrity and Mutual Respect

In the "Law and Policy Enforcement" section of the plan, the introductory paragraph notes "..In addition, we need to determine if our consequences are adequate and what we are willing to tolerate with respect to prosecution, suspension ,etc..."   I found this an interesting phrasing.  Maybe what JMU is willing to tolerate is part what limits JMU's view of solutions to the negative alcohol culture.  An examination of policy from external to JMU might give some fresh views about what should be tolerated in regard to prosecution and suspension.  I think the ongoing and escalating negative alcohol culture as reflected in the Core Alcohol and Drug Surveys are testimony that the law and policy enforcement response  is not adequate in terms of causing behavior change at JMU. 

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