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Thursday, October 14, 2010

JMU Core Alcohol and Drug Survey , April 2010

I requested several reports from JMU under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. One of these was the JMU Core Alcohol and Drug Survey , April 2010. This is one of the outcome measures that was identified in the JMU Student Affairs and University Planning Vision and Strategic Plan 2014.  Below are some of the pages from that report.


It is interesting that this report is published in April 2010 the same time as the JMU Springfest riot. It gives a good snapshot of the JMU negative alcohol culture right at the time of the riot. The data demonstrate that many students see alcohol as "central to social life" at JMU. Also it demonstrates that JMU is above the norm in terms of an average of 8.6 drinks per week versus 5.5 nationally and in terms of binge drinking (in the previous two weeks)  JMU= 60.5 % versus 46.7% nationally.  It is important to note this difference at JMU versus the national data.  JMU has a unique problem.  Again in my way of thinking with the data demonstrating that JMU is extreme in the level of alcohol problems, the solution for JMU needs to go beyond  the typical university interventions  in order to cause meaningful change in the negative alcohol culture.

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