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Saturday, October 16, 2010

JMU Comprehensive Alcohol Plan?

I requested several documents from JMU under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. One of these was the JMU "Comprehensive Alcohol Plan" or "Comprehensive Plan for Substance Abuse Prevention" that is referred to in several JMU documents( see Student Affairs and University Planning Vision and Strategic Plan 2014 at the JMU web site). I received a number of documents but none with the title "Comprehensive Alcohol Plan," or "Comprehensive Plan for Substance Abuse Prevention" so I sent an e-mail asking for clarification. The response was that all of the documents sent to me comprised the JMU Comprehensive Alcohol Plan, that there is no separate document. Below is a list of the documents sent to me I have posted parts of the documents in other post but provide a listing of the documents below.

1. JMU Prevention Summary
2. 2009-2010 BASICS Analyses
3. 2007 Environmental Scan
4. 2010 "Your Call" Marketing Award Announcement
5. CORE 2008 and 2010 -CORE Health Behavior Surveys
6. Strategies Doc- support for SAUP Performance Indicator 1.3
7. JMU Foundational Plan- support for SAUP 2014 Strategic Plan, performance indicator 1.3
8. Dukes in Recovery- see http://www.jmu.edu/healthctr/sap/DIR.shtml
9. The Faculty interest Group " The Perfect Storm", evolved into the Madison Teaching Fellows small groups, one of which is called "Alcohol and Academic Culture"- this group will examine and suggest means by which instructional faculty can cultivate rigorous learning experiences that both challenge and mitigate students' extracurricular use of alcohol. see http://www.jmu.edu/cfi/programs/10-11/alcohol/index.html
10. Alcohol-Free Program Funding

The Student Affairs and University Planning Vision and Strategic Plan 2014 Goal 1, objective 1.3 is below.
When I read "Comprehensive Alcohol Plan" or "Comprehensive Substance Abuse Prevention Plan", I was expecting a unifying document that identified the mission, goals, objectives and outcome measures for accomplishing the goals.  I have to say I am a bit disappointed in the response that there is no document with the title noted in the JMU material.   The SAUP Vision and Strategic Plan comes closest to what I was expecting. The performance indicator 1.3 gives some objective outcome measures, especially the CORE surveys of 2008 and 2010.  This provides some objective measures of progress towards Goal 1 in that it identifies a specific measure that "students will report a decrease in negative behavior associated with alcohol use as reported by the Core Alcohol and Drug Survey..."
 GOAL 1 states: "We will create and maintain campus environments that increase students' ability to make healthy choices in their lives" More specific to the alcohol issue is:
"Objective 1.3 We will refocus and improve alcohol education and behavior management programs
The SAUP division will engage in a comprehensive review of alcohol education and behavior management resulting in: 
                   *adoption of a comprehensive plan for substance abuse prevention..."

You can see where I got the impression that an actual document called the Comprehensive Plan for Substance Abuse Prevention would be developed in order to be adopted by JMU. My next post will be the 2008 Core Alcohol Data Survey so you can compare it to the 2010 data.

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