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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

JMU Student Affairs and University Planning: Vision and Strategic Plan 2014

The JMU web page has a link to their Strategic Plan, which appears to have been developed for 2008-2014. The plan has some specific Performance Indicators dealing with measuring the impact of change efforts on alcohol behavior of students.  Below is the first goal and performance indicators. I have highlighted part of Performance indicator 1.3

JMU Student Affairs and University Planning Vision and Strategic Plan 2014

Goal 1: We will create and maintain campus environments that increase students’ ability to make healthy choices in their lives.
1.1  We will more effectively teach and engage students in the components of a life that balances physical, spiritual, social, occupational, emotional, intellectual, cultural and environmental aspects.

Performance Indicators 1.1
We will adopt a common “healthy choices” wellness model. Staff members in all departments will know how to use the model to create and maintain programs and services.
We will use a variety of methods to inform students about the most common issues and concerns impacting them and will provide students with resources, assistance and strategies to effectively address these concerns.
All graduates will participate in wellness programs in which they learn strategies and principles related to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as measured through the Continuing Student Survey and an Assessment Day instrument.

1.2   We will help students assume greater responsibility for their personal safety, and we will minimize risk in divisional programs and services.

Performance Indicators 1.2
Students will demonstrate increased knowledge and more appropriate behavior regarding their responsibility for personal safety in such areas as sexual health, harm to self and others, living areas, alcohol, substance abuse and transportation, as measured by differences between reported behaviors at the time of enrollment and later reported behaviors through departmental assessments.
Students will receive monthly communication from the university regarding timely safety issues and each student’s own areas of responsibility (e.g., flu shots, securing apartments during holidays, healthy alcohol choices, etc).
All Student Affairs and University Planning (SAUP) departments will identify the risk management and personal safety issues most relevant to their programs and services. These departments will collaborate with other university offices to develop appropriate interventions.
Staff in all SAUP departments will complete instruction related to recognizing and responding to the warning signs of student behaviors that might be detrimental to themselves and others

1.3  We will refocus and improve alcohol education and behavior management programs.

Performance Indicators 1.3
The SAUP division will engage in a comprehensive review of alcohol education and behavior management resulting in:
  • adoption of a comprehensive plan for substance abuse prevention.
  • communication of a consistent university-wide position on alcohol use/abuse
  • .implementation of key strategies to increase alcohol knowledge and decrease the negative consequences of alcohol abuse.
Students will demonstrate increased knowledge of alcohol laws and consequences, health considerations, social norms, personal values and university expectations regarding alcohol use.
Students will report a decrease in negative behaviors associated with alcohol use as reported by the Core Alcohol and Drug Survey, the American College Health Association survey and other campus reports.
All SAUP staff members and student employees will successfully complete professional development training on college student alcohol use/abuse.
The division will develop web-based and other programming efforts to help instructional faculty respond to student behavior that commonly causes uncertainty, concern and/or alarm

I have asked JMU for copies of the results of the Surveys and other campus reports to see if their is any decrease in negative behaviors associated with alcohol use at JMU. I will post that data when I receive it.

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