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Friday, March 16, 2012

JMU offers for you to become a "Certifed Specialist in Wine"

I have been otherwise involved for a while and had not made a post to my blog for a long time. But I saw the below item recently and at first I thought it was a joke. Surely JMU with a history of two alcohol fueled riots and above average binge drinking statistics would not decide that now is the time to join forces with the Society of Wine Educators and offer students the opportunity to become a "Certified Wine Specialist CSW."  But it is not a joke.
  I am also surprised that the e-mail notice comes from the Office of the Provost.  That lends official JMU sanction and legitimacy to this effort.  I also saw the quote at the end of the e-mail as interesting given the topic and history.  I don't see the CSW idea as a bad idea, just a bad idea for JMU to be involved with given JMU's problems with a negative alcohol culture.

Become a
Certified Specialist in Wine (CSW)
From the
Society of Wine Educators 
The Society of Wine Educators is one of the largest and well-known wine professional organizations in the world.  Among their certifications, the Certified Specialist in Wine (CSW) is their first level of professional certification in wine.   The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions with a one-hour time period.  The exam registration fee also includes the examination study guide. 
You get two huge benefits through passing the examination.  You learn so much about wine in preparing for the examination.  And, you become a certified expert in the wine field.   
JMU has been chartered as an official test site by the Society and accordingly enrolled JMU students and employees may take the examination at a reduced rate.  The regular examination rate is $485.  But as a designated test site, the fee for JMU students and employees will be $215.  There are no requirements for joining the Society before, or after, the examination completion and there are no continuing professional education requirements for this certification.  
All JMU students and employees must register through the exam’s JMU coordinator to receive the reduced rate.  Contact Brad Roof at roofbm@jmu.edu or 568-3087.  Brad has a copy of the study guide for your inspection, and can answer your questions about the exam. 
The Society of Wine Educators web pages that you may enjoy seeing in order to learn more about the Society and the CSW examination are: 
The Society’s home page - http://www.societyofwineeducators.org/
The Society’s certification FAQ’s - http://www.societyofwineeducators.org/csw.php

           The examination will be on Wednesday, May 2nd from 7:00 – 8:00 pm on the JMU campus.

Contact Brad Roof to register or for more information.  roofbm@jmu.edu …. 568-3087.

Sheila A. Hopkins
Executive Assistant to the Provost
James Madison University
Office of the Provost, and
Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs
91 Alumnae Drive
Alumnae Hall, Room 101
MSC 7607
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807

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