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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Where Did I get My Information?

One of the comments asks where I got my information for an item on my blog. Most of my information I got directly from JMU. I would read one document that referred to another and I would email JMU and under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act ask for a copy of the publicly available document. JMU has been good about providing the information, sometimes a bit delayed but always providing the data.
  That is one of the things that troubles me. JMU has all of the information.  They collect lots of data, hire consultants and have access to the same literature that I researched.  It surprises me that when JMU reads their own data that they fail to take meaningful corrective action.
    I hold out hope that the new President of JMU, Mr. Jonathan R. Alger, (who comes to James Madison University by way of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, where he currently serves as the Senior Vice President and General Counsel), will bring with him a new vision that includes a different approach to dealing with the JMU Negative Alcohol Culture.

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